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Q. What is required to reserve my date?

We require a $300 deposit and a signed contract to secure your date.

Q. Can we have a custom message on our prints?

We provide a graphics designer to customize your personal banner at no additional charge. Use your imagination to personalize and create the perfect template to reflect the theme of your event.

Q. Can we choose the color of the background?

Our standard background colour is black. Custom backgrounds are available upon request.

Q. How does the Photo Guestbook work?

We can provide a service that will direct guests to leave a copy of their photo strip
along with a message in a memorable scrapbook for you to keep.

Q. How is the picture quality?

Modern Settings uses only professional equipment that produces high resolution quality prints. We use the most updated print technology and the highest quality photo paper that will prevent your photos from fading and less vulnerable to damages.

Q. What happens if my event is cancelled?

Your deposit is non-refundable. However, in this unfortunate event, we allow our clients to carry over the deposited amount for one fiscal year to be used for another event.

Q. Can you accommodate an outdoor event?

Absolutely, provided that we have access to a level surface, overhead coverage and a reliable power source.

Q. How many people can fit in at once?

Our unique booths are adjustable and can accommodate a maximum of 30 people.

Q. Can I try out the photo booth?

You can book an appointment to view our booth along with a complimentary trial at your convenience.

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